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Soul of the Land Guiding Our Experiences – Introduction to January 2017 Issue

The path of rediscovering the language to communicate with the spiritual dimension leads through processes of inner transformation that allow us to start to see, feel, and understand the current spiritual flow within the Universe, the Earth, and ourselves.

Connecting and getting into resonance with the soul of a given land can be a profound, healing, and liberating experience. Humans have the capacity to discover their connection with the divine source of life, with the soul of the Earth and her expression in different lands.

Through such language with the spiritual dimension of the Earth, we realized that we needed to research the current interplay of the expression of the soul, its effect on our emotional body and what is important in order to access Earth’s new consciousness sphere. Hence the topic of the first issue of the magazine: “Expression of the Soul – Accessing Earth’s New Consciousness Sphere.”

Through connecting with the soul of the earth and using a map, we saw the places in the San Francisco Bay Area whose consciousness wanted to participate in this work with us and guide us through this experience.

List of places that we connected with on the spiritual level and shared our experiences of that contact and research in this issue of the magazine:

• Hidden Villa area in Los Altos & White Oak trail in Monte Bello Open Space Preserve, CA – articles about experiences with this place are “Entering New Spiritual Frontiers” and “Butterfly Magic

• Upper Crystal Springs Reservoir, CA – article associated with this place is “Connection Far Reaching

• Hill between San Rafael, CA and Ross, CA (Upper Toyon Drive, Kentfield) – articles associated with this place are “Greatest Love” and “Entering the Emotional Forest” 

Please see the image above: This is how these three places are connected and how their energies come together contributing to the Earth’s manifestation of soul’s work (expression).

(Grizzly Peak Blvd. in Berkeley, CA – just above the tunnel of Rt. 24 – was also on our list throughout the process with a supportive role. We decided only to write about the three places mentioned above.)

Written by Andrej Loncar

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