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Greatest Love

Getting to know our environment, whether it’s our surrounding, our inner space, or the invisible realm of the spirit within our planet, where everything happens first before it manifests within our material reality, gradually helps us to get in deeper contact with the source of life, to experience its reflection within us. Expanding our experience within the dimension of the soul and learning how to feel and allow the spirit within us to express and make conscious decisions hold an enormous potential for each of us and for the future of humanity.

The physical body of the Earth is a house to a soul just as our own physical body is a house to our soul within. The soul of the Earth manages the spiritual evolution of the planet. Then it manifests and expands onto the energetic and physical levels. These processes of spiritual development within our planet, which are inseparable from the spirit processes within the entire Universe, guide the manifestation of events within the human world.

Many times we feel stimulated to make changes in our community or the world without being aware that what we are indirectly feeling are the maturing processes within the Earth. It is the Earth that is stimulating this need within us to make changes. Within different lands, the Earth is expressing different spiritual qualities through her manifested spiritual organs. Learning how to feel the presence of the spirit within the land and the function that it holds on the spiritual and energetic levels gives us an opportunity to embrace the developmental processes within the Earth that are inevitably a part of our world. In this way, we can consciously begin to support these potent processes and implement them within our culture. Through these processes, we could begin our research of the Universe within the human body, which is a reflection of the spiritual layout of the Universe.

Through my experiences of feeling and communicating with the Earth and her inner life, I had the privilege to get in touch with a special place in San Rafael (Marin County) that can help us become closer to the dimensions of the soul. This place appeared in my meditation as one of the locations wanting to share its being and message with the world. Therefore, we decided to include it here in our First Issue of the “Living Earth Magazine.”

From the top of the hill, where Toyon Drive ends, one can see Mount Tamalpais across the Ross valley, San Rafael and its hills, as well as the San Francisco Bay and Berkeley. As I approached this place through a narrow trail, I started to feel how my heart was softening and expanding, almost melting. When I arrived to the top, I felt drawn to stand in the midst of several short curvy trees. These trees seemed to be standing as if they were a council of wise elders in white and gray robes, hunched up by old age. I closed my eyes and felt the presence of the source of life of the Universe in me. Then I turned my attention to the Earth and my connection with her soul in this lifetime. I allowed this feeling to stream through me as I followed its pulse for a moment.

Then I asked the soul of the place where I was standing to connect from my heart to its heart, to feel its presence and divine being, and to get to know its life and work. I felt the presence of the soul of the place around my aura, how it was gently pointing to adjustments that I could make within me in order to feel its presence more clearly. I adjusted my grounding accordingly and at that moment I entered the spiritual space of the land. My breathing, which was already slow and balanced, deepened and slowed down even more. I felt like I had entered a large open space within me, one that had many passages within it. Light spread through this inner space as an inner lamp shone light onto the different colors of these inner walls and passages. I felt I was in the “center,” in a place within me that was the essence of life. As I walked through this space I felt a great sense of purpose. I knew my responsibility. Mere walking felt liberating, and yet it felt like hard and deep work. Not hard work as in overbearing, but as in challenging, requiring the use of all my abilities. And it wanted me to grow as well. I felt as I usually do when I exert great energy and accomplish something that I am proud of, something that serves a higher purpose on the individual and collective levels.

Then I started to feel like my roots spread deeper into the ground. My energy began taking a different shape; it wanted to evolve. I allowed it to take shape and I noticed how some of my old challenges were turning into a new possibility for the use of that energy. I felt like a flower, growing upward following the expansion of my seed, my roots. This expansion felt like my innermost essence wanted to engage with the world more directly, more actively, and freely. This entire inner space was lit like an inner lamp guiding me to feel and see what my own soul wanted to do and how it wanted to serve the larger scheme of life.

The journey continued to feel challenging and yet liberating, like the sweetness of a great effort after a long day filled with the joy of following and doing the soul’s work. The presence and flow of this place, and its reflection within us, anchors the life energy and information about how the conscious life and work of the soul feels. One can always go there and connect with one’s own soul and reflect upon the steps to take to allow the flow of the soul and one’s individual responsibilities and development on the spiritual level to expand. It can also be a great healing process if we approach it with total openness, trust, humbleness, and honesty. The soul of this place is generous and loving. Yet it is like every great teacher: It finds ways to push you forward to embrace your potential and to continue to grow into your shoes. And the greatest love is to follow this divine source of life and its expression through us.

With love,

Andrej Loncar

Written by Andrej Loncar

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