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Andrej Loncar
Publisher, Writer

Andrej has been creating and implementing projects that embody ways of life that are in sync with the spiritual dimension and the evolution of our planet. Through his training programs and gatherings/lectures, Andrej has been teaching people to accurately perceive, feel, and see the invisible spiritual identity and energetic structure that is an integral part of all of us, the space around us, and the Earth with its living landscapes; and to collaborate with the consciousness of the planet.

Lief Hollowell
Content Contributor, Writer


Lief currently runs a tennis program in the DC metro area called ‘No Limits’ Tennis. Lief takes a strong interest in the human condition and what perpetuates the roots of our suffering from day to day, he is inspired by his personal struggles and feels a strong impulse to help inspire others to acquire an approach to life that resonates with their inner world and how they personally connect with the living earth. Lief is also currently pursuing a path as a writer. 

April Phillips
Editor, Writer, Creative Design & Website Layout Development


April has been exploring the Bay Area for many years. Originally from Michigan, she moved to San Francisco to enjoy its beautiful landscapes and further her education in art & design. Her curiosity of both nature and the unseen world led to her studies of shamanism, reiki, self-healing, flower essences, and communication with the earth. She believes that the earth is one of the greatest teachers of how to live life in a balanced way.

Linda Lingane
First Funder for Magazine Website


Linda is a baby-boomer who has sought answers to deep questions such as improving self-esteem, defining healthy mothering, and identifying one’s life task. The deepest answers have come from counseling, a divorce, her son, and anthroposophy. More recently, these have been rounded out by attending Quaker meetings and taking Andrej Loncar’s six-weekend class on connecting with the earth. She is currently exploring three-folding as a realistic way of organizing a healthy society. Linda is a development coordinator at Stanford University.

Loo Lin
First Issue Cover Art & Website Layout Development


Loo is redefining the meaning of home for herself by choosing to live without a permanent address, using its inherent challenges as a tool to guide and shape her experiences as an artist and as a global citizen. She wishes to be in collaboration with other artists she meets along the way, and with the different communities and cities she finds herself in, using available materials and physical spaces as inspiration for new creations. She responds to the calling of her soul which takes her to Zen monasteries, Paris, and beyond. If you’re interested in seeing more of her work, please connect with her at

César Love
Poetry & Copy Editing


César Love is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area. His has written two books of poetry, entitled Birthright and While Bees Sleep and a third book entitled Baseball: An Astrological Sightline. He often reads his poems at Bay Area open mics.

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