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Entering New Spiritual Frontiers

The ridges of the majestic Los Altos hills swirl around narrow canyons below. Sun and shadows exchange on the sides of the hills creating a play of light upon the trees and the red rocks.

Through our communication with the soul of the Bay we discovered the hills around the Los Altos’s Hidden Villa to be a part of the spiritual system that along with the places at the Upper Crystal Springs Reservoir and the Kentfield Hills in Marin County (that are described in the articles “Connection Far Reaching,” “Greatest Love” and “Entering the Emotional Forest”) work as a spiritual unit creating a special energetic expression that we will be talking about in this issue of the magazine. Through my experience in connecting with the soul of different lands I came to learn how the soul of the Earth through its divine origin and ongoing process of spiritual evolution is inseparable from us and can guide us in our own spiritual development through direct experience.

As I sit on the edge of one of these mesmerizing ridges, with the sun high in the sky, I slowly shift my attention inward, I close my physical eyes, and with my heart and inner eyes I humbly offer to make contact and to connect with the soul of this land. For a moment there is silence and stillness. The physical sensations are strong, the sun and the sounds continue to announce their presence.

Then, I slowly start to sink inward, and although I am still aware of the physical sensations they don’t influence me as much. Suddenly, I feel a powerful pull deeper inside of me. The impulse is so strong that I cannot help but follow its beat. In front of my eyes a line of bison appears that surges inward through a narrow passage, stretching it wider, and leading the way deeper within me into an unexplored space. I follow the line of bison reluctantly at first, the space is narrow and unfamiliar. I don’t know what to expect, but I feel good about this path and it feels right to be there. Nevertheless, I am cautious to go forward. I really want to move through the passage, my body is almost pulling me forward. There is no obvious danger or obstacle, just a reluctance to slip out of my comfort zone and embrace what seems evident.

For a moment this inner game continues, and then I decide to trust and to move forward despite the doubt. One step at a time and I am moving with this potent flow. I am only looking at the path and following the feeling guiding me through and letting go of everything else that brings doubt and fear.

I continue following the bison for a little while. Soon I reach an opening. It is a spacious place where I can finally breathe fully and freely and experience this place that is completely new to me.

It feels refreshing to be in there, to explore. It was not easy going through the narrow passageways, not knowing where exactly I was going. It is that feeling that you are dong the right thing even though there are no guarantees that everything will be fine. But, without following that impulse and without having faith, there is no progress.

I am glad I trusted this powerful impulse of the decisive rush of the bison. The light of the space I reach swirls around me and I see how it is pointing to different places within me. As I take a closer look at these places I start to feel movement in them – each of them brings about different emotions and presents me with a different setting. These places feel inseparable from me although I am not as familiar with them. My whole being feels excited to be in the presence of the passageways and these newly discovered areas. It feels like wisdom is coming from them, as if they are areas that anchor growth aspects of my own being that are ready for the next stages of spiritual development.

I start to feel that the soul of this powerful place and its strong and caring presence are pointing out how to find passages within me to go deeper inside, how to let go of my comfort zone and allow myself to go through them with courage and faith, as long as it feels right to embrace the journey to particular new frontiers of my development. The reflection of the spirit and the energies of this place are resonating strongly within my heart and throat, echoing how the realm of consciousness gives information about the whole of our existence – the search for the new expression of the spirit in our time.

Through shifting my attention inward and feeling these narrow passageways within me, I recognize the presence of the soul of this majestic place guiding me how to push through even when there is little light in the tunnel except for the light of faith and our dedication to our soul’s cause.

This process guided by the spirit of the land and its divine origin provided a direct teaching that is now retained in my inner system as a live experience. I feel that the spiritual function of this land is now more awakened and alive in me.

Entering and embracing the new spiritual frontiers within us is such a vital process for the evolution of our planet and our species. Mastering this process can be very useful in different segments of our society, offering answers to challenges we have been facing for a long time. Having a guide to help us follow through with it is most helpful and comforting, and a pure soul of the land without an agenda or masks of projections is the most trusted ally we can have on this journey.

Written by Andrej Loncar

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