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Introduction to December 2017 Issue:
Transformation, Consciousness, and the Doorway of Truth

Welcome to the second issue of the Living Earth Magazine in this time of dynamic changes. The past two years, 2016-2017, have been marked by the withdrawal of Earth’s life systems and energies from our human world, as she continues to build and move deeper into her new life sphere. Through our ways of life that are predominantly focused on our usual competition for survival and attaining money and power as a sport, we continue to drift away from our source, and with it from the greatest meaning and sense of belonging in life.

Should we try to maintain a positive outlook at this rather grim situation, and see the world as glass half-full? Perhaps that is not such a bad idea after all. And perhaps at the same time we might want to start consciously experiencing the reconnection with our origin, and to live with the source of life and the spiritual dimension of the Earth central to our existence and further personal and cultural development.

Even though the Earth’s live energies have withdrawn from our world, and in the absence of light we are starting to see our own shadow, one is still able to “go to the Earth’s life energy,” to reach out and to connect with it in the here and now. This process is different for everyone, and yet there are similarities in its content that one can remember if needed.

In this issue of the magazine each article writes about this journey in a different way. What is interesting is that we decided to write our articles without knowing what the overarching topic of this issue will be. We connected with the Earth’s life systems and allowed the true stories of reconnection to be shared. We look forward to your feedback, and to engaging in deeper and further conversation and action around it.

Whatever the future brings, remember that we can always find inner peace and refuge inside of us through this great reconnection and actions that spur out of it and out of selfless grounding within the heart’s spiritual dimension.

We wish you a deep sense of peace and belonging through discovering this greater context of life.



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