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Reconnecting to the New Earth

We yearn for deeper spiritual experience, something that touches and engages us at our core, but much of what we find becomes another idea or concept to strive for, as we remain trapped in the head, incapable of actually experiencing a real connection to the greater context of life at the deepest level.

We are used to perceiving and experiencing life through the five senses, our rational mind, and the identity that has manifested as a result of only engaging with the world and how we collectively function. The mental body is used within the context of the ego self, where we live life painfully separated from each other, as we strive to reach our personal means.

There is another world that is available to experience, a world that can be accessed consciously through the present moment by moving within us with our attention, free of the mind’s normal way of functioning. This being connection to the Earth’s soul, our soul and the source of life through the here and now.

What is the Earth’s soul, your soul and the source of life? These are not physical things; they are invisible to the naked eye. From the source of life streams the spirit, an invisible life force that streams through the Universe and Earth. This is a spiritual dimension that your soul is a part of. It is a world we all connect to in different ways depending on the identity of our soul and what our soul’s purpose is in relation to this greater context.

We are collectively disconnected from this world! What does it mean to reconnect?

Everyone needs an entry point to experience their ‘connection.’ We are all part of the whole, but if we just think about what this means, then we remain in the head, outside of the experience of how we as individual fractals of the whole feel, move and connect to this invisible world through the present moment.

This does not mean we do not use the mental body, but it means we learn to use it from our connected state to life, the spiritual dimension of the planet, the source of life and our soul, as opposed to our separated state. When we are separated, we act from the standpoint that we are separated, through ego consciousness, which comes in different forms, causes many problems and a lot of pain.

Entry point happens through the present moment, where we are now. We do not need more ‘research’ to experience our connection to the Universe and Earth, and who we truly are in relation to this invisible world. We are alive now; our entryway is always from where we are at this moment.

Through the moment, free of thought and projection of what this all means, and through being conscious we can begin to experience our touch within the physical body of our connection on the energetic level to the Earth and Universe. We must release control of our current patterns, allow and surrender ourselves to its inner touch. Through this, we can begin to breathe with her inner consciousness and feel the Earth’s heart beat within through this present moment.


Through inner work within the body we can become more conscious of the ways that we maintain our separation from the live touch with this spiritual dimension that binds us together at its core.


Below is an exercise to experience the New Earth within yourself. As you do the exercise below, be as centered in the moment you can be, free yourself of thought and sink within the physical body with your conscious attention. See how images and feelings within the body come for you; make sure to not project with the mind what you get.


  • Close your eyes, sink into your upper chest in your physical body and be completely present with yourself in the moment.

  • Direct your attention to the Earth’s core. Draw each breath from the Earth, and feel it within you. Invite your reflection of the Earth’s soul to become apparent in your physical body.

  • Continue breathing with her energy

  • Recognize the Earth’s inner heart beat and how it feels within you.

Written by Lief Hollowell

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