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The Inner Light of the Earth

Deep within the Earth, I can feel the hum of excitement. A world that is invisible but feels isolated from everyone on the planet. I find myself on a cliff edge looking out at the Pacific Ocean. As I sit there, my insides shake and tremble. I feel on edge, as I hold on to obsessive thoughts and behaviors that serve as this unsustainable structure of comfort and security. The structure protects me from what I truly want deep down which is to access the world of absolute freedom within. I know what I must do. It’s hard to sit and look out to the vast array of possibility that extends to the horizon.

I look above to the universe to notice the presence of angelic consciousness. I breathe in the touch of this consciousness as it streams head first through my body.

Below I can see the waves of the Pacific crash against the cliff face below. By my side a creature sits down, a green little man. The green man is an aspect of my soul I frequently encounter, a part of me that is free to explore. At that moment, I can feel a presence behind me. I turn around to see the spirit world at my back.

My hands tremble, as fear of loss of control hums at the backdrop of my attention. It’s this perpetual warning that it is not safe to explore the depths of the invisible world of the Earth below. It’s a world of abstraction, that makes zero sense, yet I can feel and perceive it there on my periphery. With each breath, I can almost see and feel the spiritual dimension of the entire ocean.

As I sit in anticipation of my leap, my heart beats out of my chest. The green little man is ready to go, I can see it in his eyes as he anxiously awaits my decision to commit. It happens, I go for it. Head first I arch down towards the water. As I make impact, the water wraps around my body. I’m frightened as I enter the floodgates of possibility. I look over to the right and notice the little green man swiftly on his way down. It’s hard to see as I descend, as the ocean is filled with darkness. I can feel the purity of the Earth on my periphery, her inner light shines deep. It takes conscious effort to descend, as fear of loss of control perpetually taunts my attention. The fear is like a fish net that wants to capture me and take me to the surface.

I arrive at the bottom to find an old ship with spirits within it. I go to the top part and open the door; below me is a set of stairs that extends into the darkness. Gingerly I make my way down to the cabin below. With each step I can feel the presence of the spirits as goose bumps cover my entire body.

At the bottom an octopus suddenly appears. The octopus glances at me, then quickly swims to the back end of the ship. I follow the octopus, to watch him abruptly leap downwards into a hole. I swim over and peer down to notice he was headed further into the depths of the Earth. I follow the octopus at which point he leads me to an open expanse that extends horizontally throughout the Earth. Small holes cover the ground of this expanse, out of which the Earth’s inner light shines. I can feel the touch of this light on the edge of my skin. A smile spans my face as warm emotion from within ripples to the surface.

I look out to the vast expanse before me, to notice a larger cave that drops even deeper into the Earth. From this cave, a vast array of colors shines from the Earth’s core. I swim over to head down. I’m frightened to go deeper, the hardened structures of my inner being fight as I descend further. I arrive at the center to stumble upon a giant circular room with a carousel covered in white lights.

As the carousel of horses rotates, I can feel its touch within and the kick of my inner child. A deep emotion of the world I have forgotten wants to rise and heal the hardened ways of my life. Ways that tantalize my daily existence and keep me trapped on the surface as I silently scream to feel what I know is there. As I ride the carousel, I can feel the light pierce my skin, as it works to melt my inner pain. I am reminded of who I am, this light that was available as a child.

There is more to life, a world we cannot see, a world we have covered with the hardened structures of our collective ways. We are all trapped in the shadows of this tapestry, as we silently scream and search for more.

Our resistance to what is true within manifests the world we currently see, as who we are remains trapped in the depth of our inner world, a world that swims with the spirit and glistening light of the inner Earth.

Written by Lief Hollowell

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