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Nucleus of Life

We have been looking for answers in many places, but it seems that there is only one way for us with endless possibilities to heal our existence, to experience the meaning that we have been looking for. It is the way inward, into deep research of our inner world, the spiritual world of the Earth and the journey that the soul continues to engage. Beginning steps are often not easy, but those steps await us. If we are prepared to take them, the path will respond, it will engage with us in the deepest way possible, the true life journey can then begin! 

The path stretches forward into an unknown space toward light. Its glow feels peaceful, invigorating, and alive. We stand on the path gripping onto what we know, our learned identity, our name, our family, our beliefs, and how our society functions. Vast darkness surrounds that narrow world, and beyond that veil of darkness the path stretches into the expanse leading to the peaceful light. 

Our existence has been conditioned for so long to the narrow confines of what we remember about life, about truth, about Source. Slowly, we have forgotten who we are, the feeling of the path underneath our feet and within our core, and we are floundering through the fields of eternity unaware of the life beat in us, and within the Earth and the Universe, and how this precious life energy is evolving from the very nucleus from which we were created.   

How do we find this thread that we have lost with life, how do we heal our existence, our ways of life, our relationships, how do we wake up from deep sleep and experience peace individually and collectively, how do we begin living a life of true meaning and step into that light stretching on our path waiting for us to reach out?    


First let us consider where our life energy comes from, what is it’s relationship with our soul, with the source of life and the Earth, and how it all converges in our body and life energy field.

We know what we have been told about human physical body. We know our associations and assigned meanings to things and events in life. We are focused on moving ahead in the world trying to secure our future. Meanwhile, underneath everything that we know as information about those human structures of life and institutions through which life is managed and governed, is the real foundation for life, the life energy that streams through and connects everything. 

If we are able to awaken from the state of deep sleep and amnesia and reawaken our inherited abilities to feel our own soul and this life energy streaming through us, our connection to the source of life and the Earth’s spiritual world, we can all feel how all these complex life structures evolve within us. Life energy that is within us in different forms also permeates the Earth and the Universe and it constantly evolves through its experiences to higher levels of consciousness and being. If we are able to sense the live streaming of life energy within us, we can sense the current processes of inner solution of our planet and the Universe, and what we call the spirit world. We can sense and experience our presence of who we are as a soul, the soul’s path and learning in this life and its life transcending the boundaries of this physical life. 

In this way, we are capable of accessing the inner state of peace and healing and the wisdom that comes from these live processes about how to live in harmony with the source of life and the live evolution of the life energy within us and within everything. The main challenge that we are facing now is that we have forgotten how to sense our life energy, our soul, the spirit world, and this grand inner evolution permeating everything. And the process of remembering how to experience this also leads through the doors of inner transformation – letting go of what we are used to, what we believe in, what we were taught in order to access and embody what is true and alive within us and our host, the Earth, at this moment.  

Over several millennia, during which humans developed capacities of the rational mind as well as our competency to manipulate the physical reality (the manifested world), we slowly lost our ability to perceive the evolution of the life energy within us, within the Earth and the Universe, and we lost touch with who we are as souls. The impulses of the live life energy and its live evolution enter our reality and stimulate different energy centers within our bodies and minds. 

Because we lost our ability to interpret what the life energy carries in its essence, and because of all the layers of unconscious ancestral energetic heritage, by the time the life energy reaches human consciousness, it gets distorted, as we interpret it through our rational senses that have to sort this information based on what we know and the narrow level of boxed rational parameters whose broad strokes exclude much of present truth (rather than based on what is true in each moment). As we interpret these impulses based on how our emotional body is stimulated from the memory of the past events, we remain deep within our boxed, packaged interpretation of reality and with it, we limit what is possible for us in life. 

In this time of confusion, all the pieces of our life structure seem to be in question, as we question our values and what we want in life. As we try to discern the truth within us and within all facets of our society, a path of truth, courage, and reconnection to the ever evolving life energy that streams through everything points inward, to discover nature in us and how the spark of life wants to evolve and manifest in our life. 

Who is Human? Soul’s relationship with your life energy and the Earth’s Spiritual World 

The unity of the Universe and the Earth, and the father and the mother, creates the spark of life – the human physical body comes from the Universe through the human mother (and a touch of the earth) and from the Earth through the human father (and a touch of the universe). 

As the soul comes into the physical body, it faces the environment of the body’s life energy, the family it was born into, and the energetic structure of our collective ways of life – our collective predominant energies. The soul also encounters the great domain of the Earth’s spiritual world, although most people are unaware of this world that gives life and offers an opportunity for all of us to engage in deep learning on the soul level in the most direct way and make our contribution to the living sphere of our planet.  

Since most people in our society are not conscious of their soul identity, most of the life is spent balancing the life energy in the world of survival without direct and active decision-making based on soul’s needs and suggestions.


However, there is an extraordinary opportunity for humans who awaken their soul identity through live experience and live based on soul’s presence and impulses that manage the life energy of the body. In this way, the soul is a partner with the body, consciously listening and sensing the ways the life energy from the Earth and the Universe are evolving with each of us. 

Discovering the soul’s relationship with the Earth and her spiritual world brings another world of opportunity to humans – the discovery of the Earth’s spiritual world is a highly healing process, it opens us up to the wisdom of our planet so that we can directly learn from live experiences in this life, and it gives us an opportunity to collaborate with the Earth’s spiritual world as partners in her life sphere. This deep discovery and acting out of this partnership is one of the most meaningful processes one can experience in life. 

The challenge that we face at this time is that we have forgotten how to experience this world in us, and we are addicted to firm solutions of the rational mind to everything in life, which closes us off from majority of wisdom, life energy, and possibilities for health, happiness, and purpose. 

What is Healing?

In the context of our current existence and our ways of living, healing means: recognition of the true life energy streaming through us, the way it wants to move through us; recognition of where that life energy is blocked, recognizing where our consciousness is translating the impulses of our life energy incorrectly and thus blocking its free expression (either because we are not aware of how our life energy is alive at this moment in relation to that aspect of ourselves, or we might be fearful to let it live freely); recognition of points of maturing in the growth of our energy field that require actions of courage, faith in the process of inner development, and learning from this everlasting process; direct engagement with the sources of our life energy and how it is evolving so that we may assess this process as best as we can.

Healing Our Manifested World – California Fires as Example of this Live Relationship

The way we use our life energy, through our actions and values, is directly reflected in our physical reality. The physical world reflects back to us where we are disconnected from the live flow of the life energy within us, within the Earth and the Universe.

Please see the full article about California fires as an example of this life relationship and a meditation to bring ourselves into balance that can greatly help with the manifestation of these devastating fires.

Go to California Fires Article HERE

How can we Reconnect with the Lost World? True Life Begins!

Where can one start to regain the lost world in us, to find the footing on the path of light in the darkness? We can simply start wherever we are in our lives, at any time. And all we need is already within each of us, the seed of the pure life energy that may be covered by layers of thought, patterned living, fear. What we need is to make the steps in order to rediscover the lost world of the soul and our connection to Source and the Earth’s spiritual world. These steps at first may seem invisible, but over time they can become far more real than the world we live in today. 

Through this process we will be reconnecting with life itself, we will begin to live, we will experience the “real time” life energy within you (the way life energy is being and evolving in this very moment), within the Universe and the Earth and how they are interconnected with your life energy, all in this moment. 

Having said all that, because we have forgotten our roots, the road to experiencing this reconnection with the spirit world, with our own soul, can be challenging. But, we all have the ability to regain what we have lost. 

If you decide to embark on this beautiful, challenging, and meaningful journey all you need at first is a step – to sit in silence with yourself. First you become aware of your breathing, and follow your breath into your body. Feel how the breath streams through your entire body (be present with your awareness within the body, rather than in your head). Then, notice how your body feels, how you feel emotionally. You do not need to examine any of those sensations deeper at this point, just be present and continue to be aware of your breathing.

Then, at one moment enter your heart – follow your attention into the middle of your heart space. It is important not to look at your heart from your head, but instead to really be present with your intention and consciousness within your heart. Release yourself to the presence of your heart, try to completely surrender to your heart. You are surrendering all your attention to your heart and feeling how the heart energy permeates your presence, your feelings, and your being. 

When you feel that you have surrendered to your heart enough, that you are floating freely in the arms of the heart, then slowly lower your attention into your center, your stomach. And as you again surrender to the experience you ask to feel the presence of the source of life of the Universe within you. You allow to feel whatever comes to you at that moment, as you continue to be aware of your breathing and letting go of any control, thoughts. You might experience subtle energy within your body, or see visions, but the real ones are only those that are connected to the feelings of energy within you after you invited to feel your connection to the Universe. Don’t discard anything that comes, just surrender and experience. 

Remember that it is possible that in your beginning steps some of the experiences might be gentle and distant, but over time and as you are able to let go of your dependance on the processing of the rational mind, and as you let go of constant thoughts, you will begin to go deeper into the experiences, and they will become more meaningful. 

The next step in this journey is to ask the Earth to feel part of your life energy that comes from the Earth. As before surrender to what comes from the Earth and allow to fully experience what is able to enter your life space and present itself to you. 

Once you feel the Earth, take a moment to feel the presence of the life energies from the Universe and the Earth within you together, allowing them to stream through you in this union as you support the process by continuing to let go and breathe though the experience. 

At any time during this process you could notice if there is a place within your body where you are feeling that this experience is not streaming through as freely and spend some time feeling what is behind this block, where might you be holding back from the free flow of life energies. You can then consciously allow the natural flow to be restored by letting go of any control that you might be exerting upon this part of your life energy and ask the Earth and the Universe to show you the free flow of life in that part of your body. If you are able to surrender enough you will experience the beginning steps of true healing, as you learn how to work with your own life energy system. 

In this complex process one more step remains before we can experience as much of the totality of life as possible at this time – the presence and the life of your own soul. I recommend descending into your abdomen and releasing yourself to your center for a moment. Then, invite your soul to come either in front or behind your presence within your abdomen. Release yourself to your soul and allow it to “enter” you, your presence in the abdomen, so that you can experience the process of “becoming” your soul, or also known as to experience how you are your soul. This is a process of shifting your entire consciousness because you will get to experience yourself as a soul and all that might arise out of that, as well as to feel the life energies from the Universe and the Earth in relation to your soul and how they are collaborating in this life. 

Let us take the steps and truly start living. 

Andrej Loncar

Written by Andrej Loncar

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