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California Fires – Healing Ourselves and Our Manifested World

How the disconnect between our actions and values from our live life energy brings the symptoms and challenges of this imbalance into our manifested world. 


The way we use our life energy, through our actions and values, is directly reflected in our physical reality. The physical world reflects back to us where we are disconnected from the live flow of the life energy within us, within the Earth and the Universe. 

One example of how this relationship functions (how blocking live life energy can cause physical manifestations in us and our living space) is the devastation of the recent California fires. When I connected with these live processes within us and the land and the root causes of those fires, I perceived as if you would take an in-breath and try to hold it indefinitely, as if you would want to own the breath. The pattern(s) that I sense is that of control and “possession” of life energy (arbitrary use of it). 

The consequence of these patterns embraced by the vast majority of humanity (holding the in-breath indefinitely) blocks the life energy from the legs so they cannot make anymore steps, the power center in the stomach is pent up, and the heart weakened making the body bend with head down. This is the collective pattern that weakened our life field and mirrored back to us what we are doing – the combustion of life energy, incineration, and suffocation as we hold the in-breath. Below you will find a meditation to free up these patterns within each of us and allow the current life energy to stream freely through us and with that, give an impulse of life to the Earth as it manifests our physical living space. 

California Fires Meditation: Transformation to Free Breath, Freeing our Life Energy Systems

  • Feel your connection with the soul of the Earth, the Universe, and your soul

  • As you inhale, feel the life energy entering through you

  • As you exhale, allow the life energy to spread through you as it wants (allow it to guide you as it wants to spread within you)

  • Repeat this several times, as it gets stronger

  • Notice where you might be “holding,” not allowing the free flow of life energy to spread through you, and consciously let go, allow the flow

  • Notice what this flow is, what it wants, what are the steps for you to make now and in the coming days

  • Feel what place in California invites you and then share this inner process with that place from your heart, with respect

  • Give your thanks to the place, and the Earth

Written by Andrej Loncar

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