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Living Earth Magazine Purpose & Vision

Living Earth Magazine serves as a gateway into the world of the Earth’s soul that navigates spiritual and physical evolution of the planet and humanity. The life energy of the Earth’s soul streaming from the divine source is all around us and yet invisible to our current experience of reality.

If we access the spiritual world within us and the Earth, experience our connection with the divine source, and develop the language to interact with the soul of the Earth, we will have an opportunity to engage in deep personal transformation and liberate the soul to make decisions. Then we can develop new ways of living that integrate the constantly evolving spirit of the Universe and the spiritual dimension of the Earth into our daily life.

—Living Earth Magazine Team

Featured Articles


Each Issue of the Living Earth Magazine will feature current spiritual processes that are developing within our planet. These are reflected on the energetic and physical levels and are having great impact on each of our lives. We will share our personal experiences of these processes...


How the disconnect between our actions and values from our live life energy brings the symptoms and challenges of this imbalance into our manifested world.  The way we use our life energy, through our actions and values, is directly reflected in our physical...

pexels-pixabay-461593 Fear.jpeg

The ancient land displayed a variety of rock formations and colors that called me closer. A yearning in my heart said I must go. As I stepped down into the dusty ravine of large boulders, my body held onto the constriction from driving the narrow winding roads...


I have taken some time to reflect inwardly and to hopefully share these reflections in a way that is meaningful and has positive impact on you. What I have to share comes as important to me at this time especially for humanity and that is to participate with...

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