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The Beginning

The expanse of the universe is all around me. Distant darkness is lit by stars. Silence. Looking all around, everything is still. I try to see myself, to see who am I, but there’s nothing to look at except the endless universe all around. It’s like looking at a still photograph – it is forever frozen. And then, I casually close my eyes to rest a bit and think. A few moments into this silence, I hear something that resembles breathing. I open my eyes, instantly looking around with anticipation. Yet there is nothing again. I close my eyes with disappointment and I hear breathing again. This time, I keep my eyes closed and the sound of breathing intensifies. I realize it is my breathing, even though I cannot see myself. Then I start to feel my own presence, I feel alive in the endless silent universe, and the universe is breathing with me: expanding and contracting as the breath of life streams through its every pore. I cautiously open my eyes this time. To my wonder, the universe that was as still as a photograph is now dynamically moving in all directions, colors are starting to spill against the dark background, mixing with the light of the stars. I feel the universe is breathing through me, that I am a part of the universe; I am myself, and I am a part of the universe here and somehow everywhere.

Then, I feel a pull, I am being drawn down. After a while, the movement stops. I am still in an endless universe. But the place where I am starts to move, to swirl all around me. The space around me starts to receive shape. What is this place? It remains in flow with the rest of the universe, a part of the universe, but it seems dense with endless pathways sprawling throughout it. Now I can see how my colors and pulsation contrast with those of this place and the universe, although we all remain inseparable. I can move through this place. Where am I? What is this place? I feel drawn to explore it. It is all so different as I move – the colors, the texture, the smell, the sensations, and the feel, yes the feel above all else changes as I move.

There is a multitude of presences that I experience, like different personalities, and somehow they are connected to certain locations that I pass – they are these locations. Then I notice that this dense place is all around me, it is large and somewhat round, and I am in its core. I desire to get to its surface to take a different look at it. As I embark on this journey, I pass through endless places and pathways. They all have a different effect on me as they are all a part of me as well. I finally arrive to the surface. Suddenly, I can’t see the endless universe any more. Bright light shines above me, and I know it’s what they call the sun. There is a blue sky with some clouds as well, and I stand on a grass field.  Now I know this is planet Earth, somewhere in the universe, a part of the universe, breathing and living with the universe. I am here to explore it, and to find out how each place on the Earth lives and breathes. I am also here to find out how the streaming of life, through what we perceive as dense matter, affects the people living there; and how humans can live in harmony with the evolution of the spirit of the planet and the evolution of the universe.

I discovered that the Earth’s soul, as an extension of the divine source of the universe, reaches every inch of the Earth’s surface. In every land, the Earth’s soul has a different spiritual function and a distinct energetic flow. This gives a different flavor and feel to each of the places on the planet; and it affects and shapes the people living in these various places, according to each place’s identity and spiritual function.

The earth’s soul is in complete sync with the divine source of the universe and it is an extension of the divine. The discovery of the spiritual identity and function of places on the Earth’s surface is of pivotal importance to the evolution of humanity, as it gives us an opportunity to harmonize our lives with the divine source of the universe.

Written by Andrej Loncar

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