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Soul Detective

The information that comes from the Soul often appears more like dreams: symbols and visions that don’t relate as easily to our mental or emotional processes. That is why dreams are so interesting. They are a language that emerges when our thinking has gone to bed.

So with the discernment and understanding of the symbol language of our soul, also comes the ability of our conscious self to translate the symbols into meanings and significant footholds to grasp and relate to our day to day selves. This mental ability to process information at the soul level relies heavily on self knowledge: the gradual understanding of who we are on an essential level, as well as who we have become as a personality, and what our patterns are, including the way emotions move through us and how our identity works on an internal and external level. So, in doing this type of work, as we decipher what is soul, from what is mental patterning and emotional flow, we get to be a detective working on the behalf of our Soul fully expressing its reality into the world we find ourselves! It is a fun project that adds a level of empowerment to our ordinary routine and the goal is huge! It is the continual meeting of ourselves at the doorway of an inner reality that is untouched by whatever we have experienced in this world! A spark inside that inhabits our body, but is not limited to it. An encyclopedia of information that is connected to the larger whole of spirit, which is everywhere!

So, it is my intention to practice, through writing, the conscious movement toward understanding and expressing my soul at an essential level, using my mental ability to process the information, and coming from a place in my heart that dedicates this work to the conscious unearthing of the most exquisite and real selves that we are, who are often hiding or misunderstood within the many layers of our selves that we have learned to be. It is my heart’s hope and dream, that through the process of touching and exploring Soul, the world can become a more vibrant, exquisite, and peaceful place for humans, animals and plants, as well as an offering back to the Soul of the Earth, the soul of the entire universe and the entire mystery we are part of called life. How nice it will be to dance with you… in our essential nature, where there is always enough, where wisdom runs deep as the entire universe and where everything is connected by the fabric of spirit. Here is where we can truly perform the miracles, acts of grace and compassion, and magic that our hearts have been asking for in whispered prayers. My soul bows to yours in humble acceptance and praise. Aho!

Written by Brian Scharf

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