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Embodying New Life Foundations
and the Rapids of Change

Feeling our movement through an unknown space by learning how to trust the inner feeling that streams from the source of life within us leads us to the space of wonder, exploration, and change. It allows us to let go of our anxiety and fear about what is happening in our world and the current rapids our world seems to be going through. It opens the door to this grand possibility, beyond what we know, to start learning how to live with the live life energy that is constantly evolving within us and within the Earth’s spiritual world.

In this time of change there is a great potential to transform our ways of life and to start to collaborate with the soul of our planet. At present, we are entering a period that puts us through a series of tests which help us transform and mature to a new level of living and being. This new period in Earth’s spiritual evolution allows us to enter much deeper into the experience of the spiritual world of our planet and communication with different aspects of ourselves and the Universe. Meanwhile, our old habits, ingrained ways of being and living, and our addiction to the limits of our rational thinking stand as a challenge – that is the portion of our life energy that is ready to be transformed.     

I sense that it is part of my responsibility to share the truth that I find streams from our live relationship with the Earth and our role and responsibility at this given time within the Earth’s spiritual world.

In this article I will share the following:    

  • The nature and roots of the potent processes that led to the current world situation

  • The unprecedented importance for humans to learn how to synchronize their ways of being and living with the spiritual evolution of the Earth – (discover your inner world, how it is interconnected with the Earth’s inner world, and how to create new ways of living out of this relationship and in harmony and support of Earth’s and human spiritual evolution)

  • What we can do for ourselves in this challenging period, and what we can do moving forward  

Leading to the Present World Situation

Ten years ago, I presented a lecture at Washington DC Waldorf School “Earth’s Multidimensional Reality and the Task of Humanity.” During that lecture I shared my perception of the state of human spiritual evolution – I perceived it as a school bus that our civilization was riding in. The bus drove off a cliff and it continued to drive forward held by thin fog with the abyss under its wheels.

During a workshop that I presented in 2016 at Earth’s sacred ground in Big Sur, I revealed my perception that it is no longer possible to get in touch with the spiritual dimension by our mere presence – one had to consciously surrender to the inner experience and the touch of the spiritual dimension in order to be in contact with it in daily life.

At the beginning of 2018, my connection with the spiritual world of the Earth showed a stunning discovery; that our loss of consciousness and orientation to our spiritual roots completely sealed our collective doors to the spiritual world. We no longer have access to the live touch of the spirit unless we are able to find it within us, past all the mental entrapments and ideological imprints. 

This meant that for those who are not connected through live experience in a given moment, the spirit was no longer present within trees, water, mountains, within the Earth. During casual walks in nature, one would be encountering only physical bodies of trees, the land, the water, but not the spirit within all of those living beings.

I shivered when I felt this uncomfortable truth and immediately wondered what this could mean for us humans wrapped up in our self-absorbed world of thoughts, fearful of everything else outside of that narrow capacity, severed from the source of life and the soul of the Earth. What could happen as a result of such deep disconnect, I wondered?!

I also wondered how come it was not enough to experience and witness the dreadful events of 9/11/01, the 2004 tsunami that claimed 250,000 lives, the explosion of the nuclear reactor in Japan at Fukushima, and other such events that each in their own way signaled a different aspect of our loss of connection from our foundation, our spiritual roots.    

For four full years since 2016 and since the significant manifestations that I revealed during my Big Sur workshop, globally we have been witnessing less trust in the spiritual world while gripping to our self-destructive patterns and mindsets, holding on to what we know. We have also experienced the rise of several totalitarian governments around the world.

However, during this time things seemed unchanged for the average citizen of the world, the world focused on economy and survival and serving the cycles of daily life. We fell asleep once again, and for a long time things seemed quiet, at least on the physical level.

On the contrary, the spiritual plane of existence, the live energy streaming through all living beings, signaled that we are navigating uncharted territory and our true foundations have completely vanished. 

Underlying Causes and Manifestation of the Current World Situation

The current situation that the world of humanity is faced with has manifested on the physical level, halting almost all commerce in the entire world, almost all flights were grounded, and the children were not allowed to go to school. Truly an unprecedented event that we are all in – together!

When I connected to this event that is holding the entire world in its grip, I perceived the life energy of the new Earth moving in its own accord, redefining its living space. This meant movement into our living space. However, since our world has sealed off the doors of the spiritual world, as the Earth started to move to redefine its living space, our world held tight. This friction caused breaking of the tight narrow parameters that we use to define life, breaking the doors to the spiritual world that we so tightly held closed. The manifestation through our physical suffering is the result of the inner inflammation caused by us holding the door closed so tightly as the Earth moved to redefine its living space.

We basically ran our course, as long as we possibly could, without a clear direction in our maturing and without direct contact with the spirit world.

I perceived a fall of the tower holding the true expression and balance of our feminine creative energy in life during this process. The Earth is holding this heavy energetic rubble, but it will not hold it for much longer. At the same time, on its opposite pole, another tower seems to be reaching a boiling point – the tower of balance of our masculine creating powers.

Furthermore, the feeling in my body when I feel the state of human consciousness is that we are stumbling in deep fog at night with a small flashlight. We are unsure where we are headed and why. 

Outward Focus on Life

About ten years ago a dear friend of mine asked me what would I like to see happen in the world as a result of my work in re-connection with the spiritual dimension within each of us. I answered that it would be amazing if humans could just simply “stop.” If we could stop everything we are doing and just go inside with our attention, be conscious more and more of what is taking place within us, be with each other, spend time with one another, with people. My feeling was that our attention was focused  more on the outside, with so much energy spent on attaining stuff and serving protocols that we created, while very little energy goes towards  experiencing what is taking place within each of us and sharing those experiences with our loved ones,  as well as exploring our connection and responsibility within the Earth’s spiritual world. 

At that time, ten years ago, I had this feeling within my body, the signal from the dimension of truth, how it was unnatural to push such potent energy in the direction outside of ourselves. Through that outward focus on life we have moved our inner power and attention outside of ourselves to something that can never be attained, under the premise that it might give us a better life, but it has in effect taken us away from ourselves, from our ability to be and experience the source and the soul, and to actively participate in those inner processes and help build life from there– the greatest things in life that in return give the greatest satisfaction and inner peace.  

Recent events that are manifesting through health issues are by default having humanity stay at home, be more conscious of the here and now, and spend more time with family. Also, as a result, our current web of life which almost completely depends on commerce and the financial system, has been put into question because if people are not allowed to go to work, music, sporting, and cultural events, and if kids cannot go to school, it is difficult for commerce and the financial system to function in the same way and at the same rate as before. 

The Big Context: Earth’s Spiritual Evolution and Human Place in It

In order to put all this into a larger context, I feel that it is very important to mention Earth’s spiritual evolution. Earth has been evolving as a spirit ever since the planet was created, guiding all life on our planet and inevitably positioning all of humanity within a field of equivalent life energy. 

The most recent period in Earth’s spiritual evolution was the phase of element earth. The current phase of Earth’s evolution is based on the embodiment of the element of air, which fully started several years ago. During the time of element earth, there were many wonderful things that humans created and recorded. And there were a few things we did not master that carried over to this  time of element air. One of those things is our ability to sense the presence of the spiritual world within us and within the Earth, and to learn how to live according to this relationship. Instead, we continue living based on our fear for survival in absence of our connection with the spirit world. Our constant competition to serve this illusionary system of thought only serves the memories of the mind that have fear imprinted at their core.

The current phase of our evolution, the time of element air, teaches us through live experience how to put our spiritual journey at the center of daily life: how to start to reconnect with the source of life, how to feel the presence of the Earth’s soul and what she is going through, how to experience who we are as souls, and how to live daily life by allowing our soul to lead the way and by following our life energy that is interconnected with the spiritual evolution of our planet.

The Challenge

There are several stages to this great journey of re-connection to our source and the spiritual world of the Earth. As challenging as it is, this journey is often so potent once we surrender to the process and start to experience the life origin within us, and all around us. This direct, open, and pure exchange of being alive in this moment is worth all the search through our inner tunnels.  

We have collectively been disconnected from this live experience for thousands of years, so the process of getting into this essential world within us takes time and effort. Also, once we reach certain levels of re-connection and start to experience this world within us, keep in heart and mind that there are multitudes of levels that go deeper and deeper. So, if you are not able to see an aspect of this world, or if you don’t know how to strengthen this sacred relationship, all you need to do is continue to research the depths of your inner connection, one step at a time. It does take considerable effort and resolve, but eventually after enough trials, the next layer will reveal itself and open up.

I want to warn everyone of the possibility of staying stagnant, and not making the steps under the pretense that it should come to you, that it should be easy, that it should “flow,” and that you may not know what to do. We all have this feeling deep within us as to what our role is – what our learning is, what our contribution should be. Life is about finding ways to bring what you feel deep down through your body into the world, through all the challenges ingrained within you and the world.

Although this is not easy to do, it needs to come from us. Later down the road it may be possible for us to start riding the wave where things start to flow and we feel our personal power grow. So, keep at it and follow your connection ever deeper and follow the steps that are being presented to you.

What Do We Do Now?

The moment to do something is now! I perceive six steps that we can take simultaneously right now:

1) It all starts with deepening your experience of your inner world – your soul, your connection with the Earth’s spiritual world and the source of life within the Universe. Taking the time daily, and multiple times per day to spend deep within your inner world and to work on all things that come through that journey is a crucial first step.

2) Go through a complex inner process to identify, let go of, transform, and pass through the remnants of the unconscious, fearful, doubtful parts of your energy system, and recognize, let go of, and transform the part of you that possibly projects answers of truth when they are really streaming from old mental processes. Mental processes tied to survival are not connected to imminent danger, but instead to fear generated from a loss of connection with the spirit world (see below Iron Forest meditative process).

3) Awakening your ability to follow your soul’s life, and engaging our responsibility with the creative powers of the soul (see below Life Sphere meditative process)

4) Reconnecting with and deepening of your experience of your inner world, passing the Iron Forest, and reconnecting with your power of creation through connection with the spirit world can put you in a position to create what your soul wishes to create out of the experience of the spiritual world within you and its ongoing evolution. Then, do not hold back. Start to create! 

(see below Life Sphere meditation)

5) Share your experiences with people, share about the possibilities, about the truth that you are experiencing from your connection with the source, your soul, and the Earth. 

6) Start taking immediate action to collaborate with your friends and colleagues on creating what you feel is right at this moment as a foundation for life that wants to come through you through your connection and experience of the spirit world of the Earth in the here and now (rather than creating what is convenient, manageable, or just profitable). Focus on creating what is valuable on the spiritual level for yourself and others. The time to step into inner action and creative action is now. 


Life Sphere Meditation

  • Take a few deep breaths and then follow your breath into your heart. 

  • During the entire meditation be very conscious of your breathing. 

  • From your heart, take a few moments to feel your connection to the source of life of the Universe and then the Earth’s soul.

  • Then, sink with your consciousness into your abdomen and ask to feel the presence of your soul. 

  • Once you fully feel your soul, allow it to grow into a small human within your physical human body – its legs growing within your physical legs, its arms growing into your physical arms, etc., until your soul has extended within your entire body (the soul should not go through your skin). Also, the consciousness of your soul should remain in your abdomen.

  • Take a few moments to feel what the soul is doing and what it is experiencing. 

  • Then, go with your consciousness into the area just underneath your breasts / chest, including the chest, and closer inside to your spine at that height. Let go of everything and be present there, release yourself to that area of your body and your life energy. Then see what takes place for you and follow the impulses that are coming for you there and how they are moving you and guiding you.

  • At the end give thanks to the source of life and the Earth. 


Iron Forest Meditation

  • Take a few deep breaths and then follow your breath into your heart. 

  • During the entire meditation be very conscious of your breathing. 

  • From your heart take a few moments to feel your connection to the source of life of the Universe and then the Earth’s soul.

  • Then, sink with your consciousness into your abdomen and ask to feel the presence of your soul. 

  • Feeling fully connected that way, you the soul, in your abdomen, find yourself on your life path, you arrive to the Iron Forest in front of you. In order for you to start creating out of the pure connection and relationship with the spirit world, you need to pass this forest – everything within you, all the energies, structures, conscious and unconscious, that correspond to the old world of mental structures, fear, etc.

  • Release yourself to this thorough journey and follow it inside of you until you are able to reach the other side of the forest.

  • If you are not able to reach the other side of the forest, you can do it in several attempts until you complete all the processes.

  • Once you pass the forest, feel the energies within you fully and allow them to stream through your entire body the way they want to. Feel what you are moved to create and be.

  • Then, turn back and look through the area of the forest, or where the forest used to be, and far into infinity. Then, with the love of your heart, share this process and the feeling you are embodying at that moment through the back channel of your heart.

  • Turn forward and share with the front part of your heart channel

  • Give thanks to the Universe and the Earth

Good luck in your adventures and your diligent soul work, as you take steps in taking your responsibility for your life energy and your place in the Earth’s spiritual world. 

Andrej Loncar

Written by Andrej Loncar

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