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Connection Far Reaching

Physical locations on the surface of the Earth – regardless if they are in wilderness, in preserved natural surroundings near populated areas, or within the highly urban places – are home to different spiritual organs and expressions of the soul of the Earth. Their existence and the spiritual and energetic function can be perceived through our own inner system and organs for communication with the invisible world – the world of the soul.

In that sense the potency of a given place, its energetic structure and responsibility on the spiritual level, does not depend on what humans decide to build at that location or how the humans decided to mark it. It simply depends on where the Earth’s life systems are located and how they work as one organism. And this was determined when the physical body of the Earth was being born and the spirit of the Earth entered the planet.

Through my organs of inner perception on the soul level and communication with the spiritual dimension of the Earth that is expressed in the San Francisco Bay Area, a “special” place came forth wanting to participate in our connection and research of the spiritual dimension of our planet within its divine origin. As we drive South on Canada road from the Lower to the Upper Crystal Springs Reservoir in San Mateo County (San Francisco Bay Area, CA), we can spot endless acres of fenced off land across the reservoir – a wildlife refuge and a watershed land. Only watershed rangers venture into that vast land with old trees, untouched land, and animals of all sorts.

Somewhere in that region, close to the water, and out of the direct sight of people driving on the opposite side of the reservoir, is the home of a “special” place for the development of Earth and our culture.

As I settled my attention to my inner world and the reflection of the soul of this place within me, I felt like I was being led through long hallways on an important mission. There seemed to be people escorting me to the center where the main event was taking place. The feeling was that this hallway was being refurbished from inside and that there are many people participating in it. Something new was being built. Everyone was aware of the old structure that was somewhat still in place, but everyone focused on building the new structure without any concern about the old. I felt excitement in me as if I was led to improve/develop myself, to follow some grand inner renovation plan that has been orchestrated from an inner headquarters.

I also felt that its structure stood alone relying solely on its own foundations that went deep into the middle of the Earth and were “powered” by and connected to the source of life – the structure was connected to any human activity that was not in touch with the divine purpose. Those building it seem to have taken up a big responsibility, a big task supported by a divine light shining in the background all the way to the center of this construction process. I felt drawn to join this grand effort because its cause felt pure and just, and the restructuring timely and needed in developmental ways.

As I followed my inner sense and connection with this place I found myself in the area between my heart and the stomach. My face was pressed forward to the edges of the front part of my energetic field. The sense was that I am – as well as our community – pushing forward without seeing well what’s in front or where exactly I am. Then I felt a gentle pull to move to the back edge of my field. A great view opened up from there of everything that is in front of me and the divine path that is showing itself in the midst of everything else around it. My mind wanted to stream ahead fast and straight, but my heart and soul felt a different call. I started to follow the divine stream and move with it in all possible directions, like ice-skating through the space that opened up in front of me. The entire rink started to move forward much faster than I would move if I only followed the straight line seen by the eye that only wanted to reach the place in the distance without much participation in the path itself.

And the more I released myself to feel the skating path, the way I am skating and how I am immersed in every move with my heart and soul, the more I saw and the more I enjoyed the process. And this movement felt very complex as my attention was unified and yet divided to multiple streams within me. I felt deeply in touch with my personal inner processes of evolution and responsibility, and I was also aware how my actions are contributing to societal and cultural collaboration as well as to the planetary development of life as a whole and the grand working of the Universe.

My inner sense was telling me that what I was experiencing within me as a reflection of this special place, that its embodied identity and function on the spiritual level was that of the headquarters of building new organization in us and the world that always follows the rhythm of spiritual evolution of the Universe and the Earth – their divine origin. In this sense this place is always in motion and busy as the spiritual evolution is constantly in motion, incrementally bringing changes and new frontiers to us that need to be absorbed and integrated in the daily lives of people and the community. On the individual level, this place reflects to us our own inner system for integration of new aspects of evolution – the inner headquarters that navigates creation of foundation for new structures following our own spiritual evolution call and the communication and coordination of that grand process.

At the end of this experience I am in awe and deep respect for the way that life wants to unfold through us and through our world. I am grateful to the spirit of that land for its guidance and touch, for its work. And I understand that through conscious and open connection to the spirits of different places, our communication with them, and our listening to their life impulses, we can help invite the spiritual dimension of the Universe and the Earth into our world.

Written by Andrej Loncar

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